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 Better Healthcare through Tele-Health (Jan 2008)
 Tele-Health The Modern Face of Healthcare (Jan. 2007)
Welcome to COMSATS eHealth Programme:

About Web Portal

In order to facilitate COMSATS eHealth Program, “eHealth web-portal” was launched in 2011 over wide-area network. The rationale behind the web-portal is twofold, i.e information dissemination to highlight COMSATS eHealth activities and to support the Tele-consultations between doctors and patients. Fundamental features on the web-portal specifically developed to support Tele-consultations include;

  • Patient Registration
  • Updating and maintenance of patients' medical history and basic examination
  • Patient documents (pictures, previous tests and reports)
  • Scheduling of appointments for patients with specialist doctors
  • Doctor’s prescription
  • Secure data transfer

To maintain privacy and security of the medical records, access to patient data is restricted to the users which are segregated in various categories. Limited access to data is allowed for each category depending upon role and responsibility of the users like administrators, receptionists/dataentry operators, specialist etc

eHealth program of COMSATS is one of the flagship projects by the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) which aims to utilize the emerging trends in Information and Communication Technology for the improvement of Health and related disciplines especially in developing countries.

eHealth is the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the field of Health. Telehealth is one of the eHealth applications that encompass consultative, diagnostic and treatment services to patients by connecting them to doctors at distances far from them through use of online file (data) transfer and audio/visual means via telecommunication, internet or dedicated network

Being an ardent supporter of the use of ICT for development, COMSATS pioneered the eHealth activities in Pakistan. Being more focused on the Telehealth component during past years, the eHealth program of COMSATS initiated first of its kind healthcare delivery mechanism in 2001. This mechanism includes linking of a Telehealth clinic at any rural area located remotely with the COMSATS Resource Centre in Islamabad (urban area) through internet. The specialists visiting the Resource Centre carryout live Tele-consultations through audio-video tools.

From 2001 onwards, COMSATS continues to provide healthcare through its Telehealth clinics located in various rural areas in Pakistan like Gujjar Khan, Skardu and Zhob in collaboration with its partner organizations. It has also been actively involved in other activities throughout the country for the development, support and promotion of eHealth.

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