• With the advent of new millennium, COMSATS had already achieved the status of pioneer in development of Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) in Pakistan through its Information Technology Institute and Internet Services. The experience that COMSATS gained through above projects and the fact that ICTs can bridge the physical distance between patients in far flung areas and doctors/specialists who are concentrated in urban areas, COMSATS initiated its first Telehealth project in 2001.

  • COMSATS is one of the pioneers of this field in Pakistan. The COMSATS’ Tele-health program started back in 2001 when a pilot project was launched at Gujar Khan with indigenous resources, self learning and efforts. A number of patients were provided medical consultancy through this service. About 100 students also received training on information technology through distance learning under this Tele-health/Distance Learning Project.

  • Later in 2004 this experience was used to establish Tele-health services at another location in the Northern areas of Pakistan, a project entitled, “ICTs for Rural Development in Mountainous and Remote Areas of Northern Pakistan”, linking Skardu with Islamabad. The project proved to be a success story in terms of achieving its objective of providing specialist opinion from Islamabad to the patients in Skardu through live Tele-consultations.

  • In 2011 COMSATS achieved another landmark by launching a Telehealth Project in Zhob, Balochistan in collaboration with Human Development Foundation. Telehealth consultations are an amalgamation of store and forward patient Information system developmed by COMSATS own software team, well supported by video conference connection with the qualified specialist doctors.

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